Sleepless Nights are Beyond Awful.

Hey everyone!! Hope you are well!?!? If you are collecting your A-Level results today, then a massive good luck to you!! Let me know how it goes, I still stand by if you have done your best then you still have everything to be proud of if the grades do not quite reflect that. This... Continue Reading →

Losing Weight By Drinking Water?

Hey everyone, how are you all? What have you all been up to? Now weight is a big topic with all of us, especially because it is summer and people are after that 'Summer Body', I have noticed that my eating habits are absolutely atrocious recently and it is time for me to do something... Continue Reading →

Guess Who Is Writing A Story?

Hey everyone, so I have been busy, busy, busy recently. But to make it up with you all, I want to share something with you. So as you can already guess writing is something that I absolutely love to bits. So I thought I would share with you all, the book I have been writing.... Continue Reading →

30 Day Writing Challenge!! Day 1!!

Hey everyone!! Hope you are all well? What have you all been up to, just relaxing or have you been doing anything crazily exciting!?!? I have now set myself a challenge to keep posting regular content, sometimes this can be a bit of a problem especially with how temperamental the internet can be these days.... Continue Reading →

Aims in Life

Hey everyone!! Hope you are well, and have had a lovely weekend. What have you been up to? I have been babysitting my nephew back at home, safe to say he is growing up way too fast!! It is scary to think that in a couple of months time he will be 1 year old,... Continue Reading →

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