10 Favourite Movies

Hey everyone!! Hope you are good? What have you been up to? Get outside if you are just sat in front of your telly box!!

So as the title says, we are going to be talking about some movies!! Now when it comes to movies I love them, as long as they let me sleep at night I have not got a problem with them whatsoever. So as the title states I have had to pick 10 that I want to talk about. However there are so many movies that having to pick 10 is a hard task because there are so many other movies that I love too. But I have done the job and picked ten that I know I will never grow bored of watching. Let’s have a look and see if any of my picks are your picks too!!

Movie Number 1: The Longest Ride:

The Longest Ride Poster

On my previous blogging page, I mentioned this movie in one of my first ever blog posts. For me movies that leave me thinking of the hidden message are my favourite types of movies. Nothing is better than a story with a hidden message that makes you think about the key parts in life and how you are as a person. So this film is about a guy that does bull riding for a living and he meets a girl that is at college. It is a story about how two people fall in love very quickly but the girl is afraid to let herself fall because she knows she has to move away to do with her work. How does it all pan out, how do they become connected once again and is it a happy ending for everyone involved in the story. This is a tear jerker and made me blubber and still does. You know it is a great film if it can still make you cry even when you know the story and have watched it so many times. What happens when the idea of giving up on your dream becomes a major factor for both parties?

Movie Number 2: Nerve:

Nerve Poster

I fell across this movie by chance, well Nathan did, those evenings where you want to watch a movie but you do not know what you want to watch, so you are sat scrolling aimlessly through Netflix until you can find something to watch. So we were watching this movie and I could not look away from the screen at all. It was crazy the movie is so captivating and the story is incredible. I love films that are based in one day or a tiny frame of time they just work and flow so well. So this movie is basically a massive game of dares, it is all created by an online website and focuses on a massive game of truth and dare, no dare is off limit, your life can be put in danger, you can put others in danger and you risk all with it. Do the main characters make it out alive or does one have to kill the other in order survive the deadly game? All because of the ‘watchers’ who decide on the dare, manipulating the person playing the game. Everyone around you is watching, but are they the people you can trust, what about the other people playing the game, can you trust them and their intentions?

Movie Number 3: Dear John:

Dear John Poster

Everyone I know has watched this movie and love it!! Another movie that I will always cry at too. This was the first movie that I watched that there was not a ending that I wanted. Do they end up together or do they have to move on with their lives without each other? This film clearly portrays the difficulties people have to face when they have a loved one in the military and it is not easy to pick your phone up and ring them straight away. This movie is a movie that I do not want to end at all. Dear John is a true favourite of mine and I know it is a favourite of many others too.

Movie Number 4: Legally Blonde:

Legally Blonde Poster

This movie is a true story teller. It shows that no matter who you are, where you come from or what you want to do can stop you from living your dreams and where you want to go and be. The movie is a true example of how hard work does pay off and that if you put your mind to something and put the time and effort in you can reach the goal. I love this movie because at the beginning Elle feels like she is below everyone else around her, so she focuses on herself and comes out on top, what could be better. My favourite part is the fact that the guy she was doing this for, she out grows him and in the end moves on from him and leaves him standing. For me this is a clear representation that the things you do should be for yourself. So what if the people around you think you cannot do it, prove them wrong!! You do not need people like that in your life.

Movie Number 5: Letters to Juliet:

Letters to Juliet Poster

This was a comfort movie for me, it clearly portrays the true aspects of what does happen in our lives. People fall in and out of love and sometimes, when you think you are in love you do not realise that you are actually not properly in love until someone else comes along. This is clearly shown in the movie. Sometimes opposites attract and sometimes opposites are not right for each other. I love this movie and the letters to Juliet aspect. The idea that people travel from all over the world to write letters to Juliet and placed them inside of a wall awaiting a reply. The idea of this tradition makes me feel so warm inside. Movies like this are what I live for.

Movie Number 6: The Kings Speech:

The King's Speech Poster

Now this film seems like an odd one out compared to the others that are on this list, but I love a movie that is based on a true story. Colin Firth is a remarkable actor and the power he puts behind his characters are mesmerising. This film is an all time favourite of mine and I love it to pieces. The way he overcomes a personal battle and the fact that this is based on a true story, it clearly shows that no matter who you are as a person and no matter how high your hierarchy is, everyone has their own battles and problems that they need to overcome. The comedy aspect of this film has me in stitches and all of the actors and actresses in this movie are incredible and are so very, very talented. I love this movie so much and I loved watching this when it was a stage adaptation. The best thing was I thought that this film was not going to be my cup of tea, but it actually was. It is funny how something that is fairly serious and appears to be boring, which is what I thought, can capture my attention and have me glued to my seat to find out what happens.

Movie Number 7: Footloose:

Footloose Poster

Now I watched the 2011 version of this film and love it too pieces. Nath and I will always listen to the music in the car and we just love this film so much. I am a sucker for a good love story and I love this film because the girl is so confident within herself, even more so because of what happened in the past. I love that she is rebellious and a guy that comes in to town that should be bad news is the complete opposite and helps the girl calm her ways a little. A story full of battles and bumps in the road, plus multiple songs and dances along the way. Everyone has got to love this film with every fibre of their being. Plus how do you stop yourself from having a little dance when the music is that very good.

Movie Number 8: Dirty Dancing:

Dirty Dancing Poster

Now I watched this movie when I was a little girl and I have grown up with it and I cannot stop loving it if I tried. The final dance scene do not get me started and ‘Nobody puts baby in the corner’ *swoooooooon!!!* Everyone loves this film and it has got to be one of my all time favourites. The story line never gets old and it always captures the hearts of everyone. This movie will always have a part of my heart and I will never grow tired of watching it.

Movie Number 9: Mamma Mia:

Mamma Mia! Poster

My all time favourite musical ever!! I remember I was on holiday when this was released and I went to the cinema with my sister armed with popcorn and sat beady eyed waiting for the time of my life. I loved this movie especially because it celebrates the amazing songs from Abba!! This film is an all time favourite of lots of people no matter what age they are, it is funny, emotional and crazy, all with a happy ending. A story about a girl who is set to get married but wants to find who her biological father is before hand, she finds her mother’s diary and that is never going to end well, especially when she finds out that there are potentially three that could be hers.

Movie Number 10: Chalet Girl:

Chalet Girl Poster

I loved this film to pieces. The story of a girl that loses her mother when she is a young girl and works hard to try and help out around the house in order to keep a roof over her father and her head. She makes the big decision to work away from home in Austria as a chalet girl as it pays so much better than working in a fast food chain. The only problem is that her sparky attitude and her hard work attracts the owners son who happens to be in a long term relationship and newly engaged. What happens when they start to spend more time with one another and sparks fly? Will things end happily? To take her mind off of everything she enters a snow boarding competition to win some more money, does her hard work and determination pay off? Does she managed to bag her man also?

Can you tell that from all of these movies that Amanda Seyfried is one of my favourite actresses. The natural ability she has is astounding and she is so humble as a person.

Which movies have you seen? Or are there any movies you think I should watch that you recommend personally, let me know. If you liked this post give it a like and subscribe to my page, you can either simply click the button or enter your email so you never miss out. Follow all of my social media pages and I will make sure to follow you back.

Loz xx


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