Aims in Life

Hey everyone!! Hope you are well, and have had a lovely weekend. What have you been up to? I have been babysitting my nephew back at home, safe to say he is growing up way too fast!! It is scary to think that in a couple of months time he will be 1 year old, cannot believe how much of a blessing he has been to our family.

This post today, as the title says, is about aims in life. Now towards the end of the post I am going to tell you all about my aims in life, but I just want to have a little talk with you all about setting your own aims in life and how they can work really well for you.

Setting yourself aims in life can be really helpful, writing them down can work even better for you, putting them somewhere where you see them on a regular basis can help motivate you on a regular basis to keep you heading in the right direction. They help keep you on track, help give you the motivation you will need in order to achieve what you have told yourself too, for me nothing works better than thinking of my aims. Aims in life are basically the life goals you would like to see yourself achieve, there is no set time, but before you time comes to an end you do want to have achieved everything on that list, that way you know you have lived your life full to the brim of what you want to do with it. For me once I set myself and my mind to something I have to achieve it, no matter what it takes and no matter how much hard work it takes, I will not stop until I have achieved my goal.

A lot of peoples aims in life are the same as one another, to be happy, to have a family or simply even to just have their own house or home. Some of them are actually mine too. When it comes to having goals I find they are the crucial parts in making sure that I carry on when I do feel like giving up, we have all been there.

So, now here is where you all come in, write down in the comments below five aims you want to reach and achieve in your life, maybe you have even thought about a time frame for some of them, that way it will keep you focused even more on achieving them. The whole point of this post is to motivate each other to not give up and you never know, someone else’s aim in life might make you want to do it too.

To give you an idea I am going to tell you about my aims in life and why I want to achieve them…

Aim Number One: Become a teacher:

Now as most of you know, in October this year I will be starting my degree with the Open University to finally achieve my dream of becoming a Primary School Teacher. When I was a little girl (as cliche as it sounds) I dreamt of nothing else. When I was playing you would always find me playing schools, whether it was teaching my teddies or teaching my friends whom I was playing with. The desire to become a teacher is my last goal in life. My A-Level results were not what I wanted or expected them to be, this is my last chance in my eyes to achieve my dream of being a school teacher and having the career I want for myself. To me the dream is not just about being a teacher, it is about giving back to the world. Teaching generation after generation on the things they need to know in order to live the fullest lives possible, for me teaching is giving back, I am helping push the new generations forward as much as I can and setting them up for life in the best way possible. The desire to teach is not just purely about having my dream job, but it is also about giving back the most I can. For me that is helping children as much as I possibly can be.

Aim Number Two: Have a nice house:

A lot of people will have this on this aims or goals in life, whether it is just a house or whether it is a home, they have the dream and desire to own their own home, the four walls that are going to be surrounding them, to be able to call them their own. For me to have a nice house is what I want. I have been very fortunate growing up, I have always had a nice house around me, the same with all of my family, this is why I believe one of my aims is to have a nice house. For me I cannot wait to have my own place, to make my own and to build within. The whole concept of being able to look after it is what I am looking forward to, never thought I would be ever saying that about house work at all.

Aim Number Three: Own a dog:

I blumin’ love animals. I have always been fortunate enough to grow up with animals in my life and I will always have a soft spot for them. My major dream since I was a little girl was to have a dog, have one from a puppy, train it and help it grow up a happy little Chappy. I cannot wait to have a pet dog for me it could not possibly come soon enough. I am that girl that will be able to spot a dog a mile off, we will be driving down the road and as soon as I see a dog I will have to point it out. If we are watching the telly and a dog walks past the window, I will let you know, normally starting off with an ‘Awwwww.’ Hopefully I do not end up with a house full of pets when I am older.

Aim Number Four: Get married:

It is not that common these days for everyone to be like, I want to get married when I am older. A lot of people these days know that they do not want to get married or even have children. I am the opposite, I cannot wait to get married, to finally join my life completely with the one I love, so show them that I will always love them and that I will never want to move on from them at all. That I want to build my life with them and live the rest of my days with them, going on adventures with them. For me getting married will be me marrying my best friend, I cannot wait for the day to come!!!

Aim Number Five: Start a family:

Another thing in life that I cannot wait for, something which I hope I am fortunate to have, is to be able to start a family. I dream of having children in my life, to carry on my legacy, to bring in to this world, to take care of them and to help them have the best life that they can have. The idea of living the rest of my days in this world and not being able to have my own children is something that upsets me. Whatever it takes I will have my own family, and I know for sure that I will feel extremely lucky afterwards.

Aim Number Six: Keep running this blog:

This blog is basically my baby, my life is currently living and breathing this blog. Being able to write, to express my feelings and to just waffle on when I feel like it. Without this blog I would have so many thoughts and feelings just floating around in my head, stuck with no way out at all. For me being able to keep running this blog is my dream, I want to push this blog as far as I can possibly push it, I’m not going to let it stop and fall flat on its face at all.

Aims one to six are in time order for me, I feel like I cannot possibly move on to the next aim without completing the aim before it. I have no time limits on all of them, but for me they ideally need to be completed in the order that they come in. Hopefully they will, who knows though? Life is full of surprises!!!

Aim Number Seven: Write a book:

This is a major and massive dream for me, I love writing to bits!!! For me there is no other way of showing how much writing means to me than being able to write my own book. To be able to say look at my book, to be able to hold it within my own hands. I just hope that one day I am lucky enough to be able to be given the opportunity to write me own book.

Aim Number Eight: Be successful in what I do:

Now this aim is for basically anything and everything I do, for me as long as I try my best at all times, the outcome of it does not really matter. To be successful I know that I need to be happy within everything that I am going to do and face, to be successful I need to put in as much time and effort as I possibly can do. Being successful is not just limited to one aim, it is for and will be for everything and anything I will do and see within my life.

Aim Number Nine: Overcome my depression and anxiety and find ways to help others live with theirs

My final aim in life is to kick my depression and anxieties butts!! I am never going to be able to say that I am completely cured of both of them, the thing with anxiety and depression is that they will never completely go, they will always be with you. It is all about being strong enough, strong enough to find a way of living with them and saying it is okay, I am not going to let my depression and anxiety define me. The day I finally get the balance right is the day that I know that my depression and anxiety is nothing compared to the person I am inside.

Do not forget to write what aims are in your life goals down below. If you could share this post on to your social media pages it will be a massive help. Do not forget that I am following everyone back who follows my social media pages, links are to the right hand side. Remember to subscribe to this page, so that you do not miss out when I post, if you are feeling very generous giving me a like will help massively.

Let’s all achieve our aims in life and show everyone else, that if you truly put your mind to it, you can do it, you can achieve it!!

Loz xx


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