30 Day Writing Challenge!! Day 2!!

Hey hey!! How are you? How is it only Wednesday, this week is going so very slowly!! Hopefully I finish this post in time to schedule it for you all tonight, I am doing a double shift today so fingers crossed I complete this in time for you all!!

Day 2 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge:

Write about something that someone has told you about yourself that you never forget:


This is not something positive that someone said to me. This occasion would have been during my negative time about two years ago. This is why you should not say this to someone ever…learn from other peoples mistakes, still strongly stand by what I was taught at lower school, if you cannot say anything nice do not say anything at all.

Okay, so I was extremely down, when I was around other people I was extremely quiet and I did not really feel like talking and putting on a happy face when I felt far from it and the complete opposite. So anyway, I believe I was at my grandparents house, and my mother was there too. I was definitely having one of my very bad days and I did not really want to do anything or truly be around anyone else. To be honest I just wanted to be on my own, to sort my own head out, think things through and work on myself, but I apparently was not trusted to be on my own at all.

So the conversation obviously veered on to how I was feeling and where my head was at currently. Both my grandparent and my mother turned to me and said that ‘you are not depressed, you are not feeling the way you say you are, you just need to snap out of it and get over it already.’ Looking back now, it could have quite possibly have been the worst thing you could ever say to me, bible. For me that pushed me further down the dark spiral. You start to doubt yourself and if anything you feel like if the people that are your loved ones do not believe you and do not want to help you, how are you supposed to change the way you are feeling and the mindset you are in. No one knows you better than yourself and if other people say the complete opposite of what you are saying then you are more than definitely going to doubt who you are as a person, and whether what you are feeling is truly real.

For me though my doctor saved the day, my grandparent just so happened to see the doctor I saw when she went for her appointment, she mentioned me quickly and because the doctor knew a lot about my family, thankfully she showed my family that I was in a bad place, I was not making it up and what I was feeling was completely true, I was not going to get over it over night, it was going to take time and support that I currently wasn’t receiving.

To this day I am still waiting for them to realise what I felt was real. The worst thing was that they thought it was a fashion trend and the darkness in my mind, that is still there and always will be a little, does not actually exist.

If someone comes to you and says how they are feeling, never tell them to just get over it,  they have built up the courage to come and talk to you about how they are feeling and they trust you. Saying to them to just get over it, shatters that trust, it cuts off another personal link for them, someone that they once felt like they could open up to and trust, completely gone.

If someone comes to you, just listen, ask questions and a be a support network you would want if you were going through what they were.

Sorry, it is a very short post. If you want to do the 30 day writing challenge yourself I would seriously recommend it to you. If you haven’t done so already subscribe to this blog so you never miss out when I post. Follow me on all of my social media accounts and I will follow you back.

Loz xx



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