Dear Snobby Sales Assistants…

Hey everyone!! Hope you are all okay!! How has your weekend been? What have you all been up to? Did you have to work, or did you get to have a nice relaxing time.

I am so excited to write this blog post, because the majority or well, nearly all of us have all been there at some time or the other. The prompt for this post was earlier when I was scrolling aimlessly through my social media pages, well all do it, their is no point trying to hide it, a post along these lines caught my eye and it got me thinking.

Right now picture yourself or simply just remember back in time to when, you decided to go out shopping, focusing mainly on shopping for fashion, for you that can be a regular and normal thing to have to do, or simply a once in a while experience you get to endure, or have to sometimes go through when your pants have a hole in that you know you cannot repair no matter how hard you are going to try. Anyway, carrying on the picture, you are walking in to a store and obviously at the front of the store you are greeted by one of the employees, well I say greeted, it is more of a forced ‘hello’ or ‘welcome, please let me know if you need any help’ rehearsed and perfected to a ‘T’, this when you know that they have been there for a long time, or that they have simply be trained in to this saying like a robot, all along with a considerably forced toothy smile, that would not make anyone feel welcome in to the store at all, let alone comfortable and willing to ask the employee for help or let alone an opinion suiting them, or asking where something is.

The post I saw was simply focusing and critiquing the designer stores, the ones that are full of the uptight and snobby sales assistants, (yes, I am being judgy, we are all allowed to be at times, do not bite me or hate me for doing so right now). These are the type of sales assistants that will judge you as soon as you attempt to step one foot through the door and over the stores threshold, it is almost as if they have a sixth sense and as soon as they feel as though ‘someone who should not be in here’ steps an inch closer to the door, their radar starts going off and their head snaps up to you oblivious and walking through. The radar starts the alarms as soon as you step foot in the store, that is when it all begins.

As soon as you walk in to the store, you are greeted with the judgemental stares, simply judging your hair, judging your clothes, judging your looks and definitely judging your shoes, do not even get me started on the choice of bag you are currently carrying, also whether your phone is in your hand and whether you have someone running around after you, beaconing to your every demand. If one thing for them does not make the cut, it can literally be the simplest and smallest of things, the tiny speck of dirt that is on the tip of your shoe, you are out, you are the outcast that is seen as having ‘lost their way’, you are done for. Simply being labelled ‘peasant’. Harsh, but true.

If you are not wearing diamonds and not smelling of money, then let’s just say you are in for a bit of a bumpy ride. But thinking of my own personal experiences, I have noticed that the way you get treated inside of a higher end store that is on the market, it can be the exact same or very similar situation to the way you get treated no matter what store you step foot in to, no matter the value.

Sometimes I have felt more welcome inside of a higher end designer store than I have done in a normal hughstreet store, the smiles are a little more friendly and a little less fake, but then again they can also be the best at the top of being fake and OTT.

Let me give you a prime example, the lovely, lovely Topshop. Now I have every right to pick them out and comment on exactly the way they work, because I have been on both sides of the fence. I have worked there and I still and probably always will do, shop there. But trust me, I have seen my fair share of judgemental and cold sales assistants in my time. As soon as someone walks in and they do not ‘fit or match’ the ideal customer type, they are marked as the bad nut and shown the cold shoulder. When in retail you are always told about the ‘ideal customer’ the ‘target market’, so to be honest, if someone walks in that does not quite fit the match then they are automatically singled out and deemed lost in their way.

But then you can see it from the other side too, if you are the customer and walk in with the straight and horrible ‘I’m too good for you’ face on, then yeah, you will get the cold shoulder and lacking of care treatment whilst you are there. The customers that think they are better than the sales assistants, they are the ones that make you feel down and harsh on yourself. At the end of the day the sales assistants are trying to earn their money by the same way as you do, working. But then you get the people that come in that have never done a hard days work in their life, or simply just using their significant others money, they are the worst, they are the ones that do not know the meaning of being kind, the ones that do not know how to treat others. What happened to treating others the same way you want to be treated in return? It is all about the way you interact with each other, if you are kind and smiley, approachable and willing to talk, then you will receive the same in return. I do not get how some people fail to understand how it all works.

But for me, the main reason for writing this post is because of the actual post I saw first, it made me chuckle, because we all know that it is actually sometimes very true.

You always get one sales assistant that is completely like this…

They will give you the judgemental looks, they will be the least helpful person in the world and they will make you feel like walking out completely, that is what they want though. But then you get to turn to yourself and say, they have no right to be snobby and judgy towards you, it is not like they are the owner of the brand or company at all, they are the sales assistant, they are the ones that are having to stand there and work whilst you are out shopping, enjoying your day. They are the sales assistant that is getting paid, but how are they getting paid, how is the money making it’s way in to their pay checks? By people like us, being willing to ignore their judgemental stares and the looks and actually buying items from them, for being able to afford the items, when in their eyes we look like we can far from it afford what they are trying to sell.

So Dear Snobby Sales Assistants,

There is no need to be rude, if you are nice, we might actually buy something from you. Plus if you are kind, helpful and approachable you might actually have someone that will make a good feedback report on you to your company. We have all been there, not happy, being treated badly by customers and other people, not really enjoying our job, but things do get better. The only one that is stopping yourself from going on to bigger things is yourself. At the end of the day there is no need to be snobby. We are all human and in the eyes of science we are technically all the same, simply human.

Your hard work does pay off, and the fact you are giving up your time to work unsociable hours to serve people like us, we are grateful for. Your effort does not go unnoticed by everyone.

Things do get better.

So, that is it for this post. Let me know what you think in the comments below, or maybe you will leave some stories of your own experiences in stores, I may even post some of them in another post later on. If you have not done so already subscribe, that way you do not miss out on my posts, you get to keep up to date with all that I do. I am still following everyone back that follows me on all of my social media pages, so do not miss out on that.

Have a lovely week next week!!

Loz xxx



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