Guess Who Is Writing A Story?

Hey everyone, so I have been busy, busy, busy recently. But to make it up with you all, I want to share something with you. So as you can already guess writing is something that I absolutely love to bits. So I thought I would share with you all, the book I have been writing. Prepare yourself, here is the first chapter of ‘Time To Make Your Mind Up’.

Chapter One: So Far From Home:

*Beep Beep*, the sound of the alarm had Tammy groaning, 7am was always going to be a hard task, especially when you have had a summer full of lay ins and very late summer nights at the beach. Tammy knew she had to get up now or she was never going to. The first day of school was the day of first impressions, especially when it was the first day in a new school, this first impression was going to seriously count. Going to school meant business, never had Tammy gone to school simply in a pair of yoga pants and a baggy sweatshirt and she was not going to start now. Makeup and a perfected outfit was what she needed and that was what she was going to do.

Stretching, Tammy wandered over to her windows and pulled back the curtains and winced trying to push the window up to open it fully. Stupid window, this house was struggling to say the least, she could not believe her parents had decided to move them all the way from New York in to the middle of what felt like nowhere, the house looked like it was on it’s last legs, but at least the window finally opened with a groan of its own, unlike in their penthouse apartment in New York, there was no such thing as windows there, could not risk anyone falling out of them. Glancing out of the window Tammy looked across the land surrounding her house, there was a small empty paddock right below her window, in front of the barn. The gate was falling off slightly and the barn did not look too good either, what possessed her family to move in to this house again?

Then Tammy remembered, she should stop being ungrateful, her gran had passed away before Christmas and everything was obviously left to her mother who was an only child. Tammy never got to meet her gran, thanks to her parents busy lifestyle in New York, their hard work finally paid off though, they were the owners of a very, very successful business now.

Tammy knew all of her life that her mothers dream was to one day move back to her home town when the company would allow it. Tammy felt sorry for her mother that it did not work out sooner, that way she could have got to spend more time with her mother and maybe Tammy would have had the opportunity to meet her gran. But no good looking back wishing for things to be different, she could not change it all now. Time to move on from it all, onwards and upwards as they say.

Walking along the sandy track that led from their house to the main road Tammy had some time to think to herself. She just had to survive the school year and then she could go back to New York where she felt at home. She did not know what she wanted to do with her life, but all she knew was she wanted to be as far away from here as possible, this was not home and she could not see it ever would be.

Reaching the end of the road Tammy stood waiting, stupid house she thought, her car had not arrived from New York yet so she was stuck taking the bus, she felt like a little child again. She wanted to just go back to New York, everything was fine for her there, she had her large group of friends and all she could possibly want to do was there. If she could be far away from Texas right now, she would be.

Who catches the bus in high school anymore? She huffed again, annoyed that her parents did not see the social downfall of taking the bus and still point blankly refused to drive her to school themselves this morning. Trying to take her mind off of everything, she grabbed her phone from her back pocket of her skinny black jeans, pushing the power button, 0 notifications appeared. Weird, Tammy thought to herself, she had a large group of friends and not one of them had messaged her since being here. Double checking she looked towards the top left of her screen and witnessed the oh so lovely ‘No Service’. Great she thought to herself, could this place get any worse.

She was snapped out of her negative thoughts when the bus rattled down the road and to a stop at the end of her long driveway, “I guess it just did”, Tammy mumbled to herself. Shimmering slightly and looking down at herself, she smiled and put on a brave face. This was going to be a long year if she did not try to make herself as happy as she could possibly be.

The drive to school, was a short one, thankfully. Looking out the window all the way here, Tammy could only see land after land with houses dotted in between. Fields full of cattle and ranches after ranches. Tammy could not help but hate the smell of it here, she missed the smell of freshly brewed coffee when you walked round the corner, the sound of taxis honking and the unmissable New Yorkers shouting at one another. The hustle and bustle was not here, not that she could see. Walking down the bus steps, Tammy took in a deep breath and braced herself for what she thought was going to be a very long day.

Immediately Tammy smiled, there was just so many people around her, granted they were wearing nothing like her, nothing like a true New Yorker would, but she is far from there. The level of noise and the general feeling of hustle and bustle greeted her and she could not have been happier. Maybe the school was not going to be so bad.

Walking through the main path leading up to the main school building, Tammy was walking alongside the school parking lot, littered with cars, some very expensive and some not so. Not like how it was in New York, but it was something Tammy had imagined her new school was going to be like. Tammy could not get over the amount of trucks that dotted the parking lot, obviously a Texas thing.

Quickly grabbing her phone from her back pocket, she wanted to check if she finally had any signal and if her friends had remembered about her whereabouts. Giggling to herself, notification after notification appeared, good luck messages and well wishes, including multiple images of first day outfits, very similar to her own. Tammy suddenly looked up, hearing loud shouting and laughing, a group of guys in football jerseys and girls in cheerleading outfits greeted her. That was something that felt like home, back in New York, Tammy was part of the cheer team in her high school, something she lived for and loved dearly, she was extremely upset when she had to leave that all behind.

As she was walking closer to the entrance, people started to look, obviously noticing that she did not fit in around here, she was wearing high heels for a start, no one else was. With her cropped leather jacket on too, she appeared to look scarier than what all of the others did. Hopefully they would all find out that she was the complete opposite, and fairly soon. The school year can be an awfully long one if you have no friends. Maybe she could get in to the cheer team here, but by the looks of the girls and the looks Tammy was greeted with, she doubted that would happen any time soon, plus if she was going back to New York at the end of the school year, she did not want to be apart of a different team, her loyalties ran too deep.

Just as she was about to reach for the pull handle on the main door, a masculine hand appeared next to hers, making contact. Pulling hers back quickly she glanced to her side to apologise only to be greeted with a small smile and bright blue eyes, “Sorry there Darlin’, let me get that for you.” Taken aback, Tammy stood there with her mouth wide open, no one had ever offered to open a door for her. Snapping out her trance, she smiled and replied, “Thank you, sorry for getting in the way.”

“Hey no, do not worry about it, two minds just sometimes think a like.”

“Indeed, I guess they do sometimes.”

“I’m Chad, are you new here?” Chad she thought to herself, a good name. Chad was wearing worn navy blue jeans and a brightly coloured flannel shirt, she could not help herself but think he looked good.

Laughing to herself, Tammy replied, “How did you know, maybe because I am wearing nothing else like anyone around here. Way to go at standing out of the crowd, did not want to draw lots of attention to myself.”

“I would not say it is a bad thing, people are just not used to new people starting school…” Chad paused realising she had not mentioned her name.

Realising he was waiting for her name, Tammy jumped in, “Oh, I am Tammy, nice to meet you by the way. I better get going before I get in the way of anyone else, I need to get my timetable and find my locker, do not really want to be late to first period.”

“Indeed, do not let me be to blame of your lateness, follow the corridor all the way round and the main office will be directly in front of you. You will find your timetable waiting for you there.”

“Thanks Chad, see you around.”

Little did she know that Chad certainly hoped he would see her around. Her appearance was the complete opposite of what her personality was.

Feeling a little more at ease with her surroundings, Tammy made her way down the corridor towards the main office where she stood and knocked on the door, making her way in to collect her timetable.

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Loz xx


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