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If you have stumbled upon this page, you must be new to the wonderful world of Ok_LaurenJ’s Little Blog!!

So let’s give you some information so that you know your way around, cannot have you getting lost now:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are the blog posts found?

The blog posts can all be found on the ‘POSTS’ page, second link on the main menu. If you are looking for something in particular, you may find it quicker by looking in the archived posts.

What type of thing do I post about?

This blog is not set to just one type of thing, I will write about anything and everything. I’m not going to write anything that comes to mind, that is not how this works, but this blog is about you getting to know me and what I get up to on a personal level. Things that are going on in my life, product reviews and some regular content too will appear on the page. There is a mixture of everything so you will never fail to find something new, I completely understand that everything I post is not going to be loved by everyone, but I try my best.

What do I like from my followers?

Getting to know you guys, I’d love to get to know what my followers are all about and the things that make them tick. I love for feedback and comments, as well as you all sharing and communicating with me as much as possible. You’re comments and likes help me know what is working and what needs changing, just so I can do the best for you all.

Any personal questions do not hesitate to ask. I’ll happily answer anything. Hope you enjoy your time on here and do not hesitate to come back again!!


Loz xx



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